Simple Keto System Reviews

The Simple Keto System from Konscious is a new, fully personalized meal plan that allows anyone of any fitness level to quickly and safely enter into ketosis, allowing their body’s own liver to convert fat to glucose of energy.

Think about that. This system uses the body’s own organs to basically burn fat for fuel. How cool is that? The system literally is designed to take your favorite foods, and combine them in a healthy, keto friendly way that allows significant weight loss, without sacrificing the foods you enjoy the most.

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What Is The Simple Keto System

The Simple Keto System is a new customized keto diet friendly meal plan system that quizzes each customer and provides a customized simple keto system meal plan (and shopping list) for 28 days that will enable them to not only quickly enter ketosis, but also meet any weight loss goals that they set forth during the assessment.

Here is an example of the assessment after I took the quiz as 34 yr old woman to see how well it would customize the meals. I have to say it did a fantastic job.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Simple Keto System?

The Simple Keto System has a ton of benefits, not the least of which is a delicious variety of keto friendly meals that not only taste good, but are very healthy.

Check out the benefits you get while you are doing the keto diet:

What Do You Get With The Simple Keto System?

Not only do you get a fully customized keto meal plan from Konscious, you also get a ton of information to support you on your keto diet.

You get not only instant access, you get four nutritious meal plans per day, an easy grocery list, the keto quick start guide, the keto on the go manual and finally the cravings eliminator system. All included for one low secure payment.

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